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Phil Davison

To Davison, that is something very special that relates to every person allowing them to draw their own meaning from each piece on display. This is evident in his approach to sharing his vision; for he actively encourages his “followers” to freely interpret each piece he designs in a way that is meaningful to their personal experiences. This in turn, helps to explain his very diverse following.
Davison’s designs are also quite varied and not confined to skulls only, his visual universe being a mix of street art and popular culture. Davison is really inspired by image reproduction techniques; focusing on a configuration, be it in photography or a printing process. Phil attempts to see if, and how, it can be recreated in cross-stitch. This is a challenge in itself, as cross-stitch is constructed using a very meticulous method, which involves its own set of unique constraints. But it is exactly these challenges that push his work forward.
Some of Davison’s pieces can take up to 8 months of hand stitching to complete. To accurately render and mimic in cross-stitch the original technique that inspired its conception demands a high level of precision. It is exactly this dedication to precision, acquired over a decade of working in couture fashion, which drives his evolution of the craft into the realm of fine art.
“I like making people smile, and when I see that glint of amusement and disbelief in someone’s eyes the moment they realise that what they are looking at is an intricately hand-stitched piece, that’s the moment that makes my endeavours worthwhile