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Shane Wheatcroft

I’m an artist based in Kent, who specialises in collage, assemblage and screen printing. The source material for my work comes from vintage magazines, movie annuals, encyclopedias, stamps, coins, and any other interesting bits of paper I can find.

My ideas tend to be led by the materials I find, so I’ll start with an image, and randomly add other images until an idea starts to emerge, adding more pieces, paint, printing, lights etc. to reinforce the final concept. Often, the initial image won’t feature in the final piece, but it’s been invaluable as a starting point. I’m increasingly using 3 dimensions in my collage work to give a sense of depth to the pieces. I also often add lights and switches to add to the effect.

My work is often influenced by music, movies, politics and mass media. I like to mix up the fantasy of celebrity with the hum drum of everyday life. I’ve always admired artists who use collage in their work such as Robert Rauschenberg, Peter Blake, Hannah Hoch and Jamie Reid, but it was discovering the work of John Stezaker which really opened my eyes to the possibilities of collage and how even just a couple of juxtaposed photographs can create a powerful new image.