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Steve Smythe

Blending the boundaries between Contemporary Art and Streetart.

Steve Smythe creates a range of work that explores collage, screenprinting, mixed media and unique layered images that are reminiscent of deteriorating paste-ups. Often combining iconic figures with torn text in a variety of fonts, Steve’s prints and collages are rich in detail and texture. Avoiding editions and a belief in creating something unique with every piece of art.

With a library of silk screens and a tendency to get bored Steve floats between collage, screenprinting and mixed media works.

Currently a Lecturer of Visual Communications, Steve has a degree in Product Design and a teaching degree from Cambridge University.

A self-taught artist, he began creating his work in early 2013 (After several years of creating design work for other people). For Steve art gives him the freedom to work without boundaries, to do whatever he wants, no constraints, no brief, no amendments, no clients believing they know better. It’s a freedom to work and explore in a manor not possible within the life design.

Inspired by Nouveau Realism, decollage, torn street posters and artists such as Jacques Villeglé and Raymond Hains, Steve’s work incorporates layers of paint, mixed media, spray paint and screenprint. Steve’s images explore both human and typographical forms, figuratively and in a graphical sense. He is fascinated by the deconstruction of layers and allowing the work to take its own form of visual distortion, somewhere between existence and demise.