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Regans Plaything original

By Phil Davison

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Regans Plaything

Original on canvas

approximately 252 hours  hand stitching

Framed in a black frame

signed and wax sealed

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This hand cross-stitched Augustinian crucifix, entitled “Regan’s Plaything”, is a replica of the original prop crucifix used by Linda Blair in the original 1973 movie The Exorcist, to this day considered a horror classic. It can be seen in Linda’s hand in the infamous bedroom scenes depicting the demonic sexual abuse of her character, Regan, and was one of the most iconic props used in the production.

The original prop was sold in auction on April 10th 2014 by Roger Stielen. During his 40 year career he was employed by Universal, MGM, and Warner Brothers, and his occupational titles included Production Asset Procurement Manager, Properties Manager, and Archivist.

This unique piece took approximately 252 hours to hand stitch and was created by artist Phil Davison to commemorate the opening of The Exorcist stage show in October 2017 in the Play House Theatre, London.